On a very hot day of August during our holidays in Sardinia, we decided to take a boat excursion to the archipelago of Maddalena, a group of small islands in the very north end of Sardinia. Having bought a fair priced ticket, we got to sit on the outdoor side of the boat with a great panoramic view (although we did not think to bring our hats – a bit of a mistake on such a sunny day..).

At 8.45 we left the natural fiord of Santa Teresa di Gallura, which the locals believe it was formed during the last glaciation.  Armed with a camera, we started sailing an amazing cobalt blue sea.

After leaving Porto Quarto behind, we reached the far north of Sardinia and we could clearly see the island of Corse (Corsica) on our left hand side. The so called Bocche di Bonifacio (Mouths of Bonifacio) decided not to confirm their reputation of terrible agitated waters so that within a little half an hour we reached the first island: Budelli.


Budelli is very famous for its pink sand, although there is not so much of it left anymore due to tourists who over the years have stolen it as souvenir. For this reason, local authorities have decided to make this little island a National Park where it is forbidden to anchor and that can only be seen from a distance. Very close by, there are stretches of sea about twelve meters deep and you can see the sand at the bottom as if you were looking through a clean transparent glass. The colours are the most amazing: from pure crystal to turquoise going through a thousand of beautiful nuances.

Totally amazed we left Budelli and soon after we got to Santa Maria Island, which is also surrounded by a beautiful beach and very clean waters.

The boat approached the flat stones and through a footbridge we walked down for a refreshing swim and a stroll on the beach.  After the short relaxing break we washed our feet from the beautiful sand and we got back on board. By then, it was nearly lunch time and we got hungrier and hungrier as a lovely smell of tomato sauce emerged from the kitchens. Lunch was served on board: a generous plate of pasta with crab sauce or just plain pasta for the young children, a thick slice of local cheese and fresh bread which nicely filled our stomachs.

We were nearly in Spargi, another gem of the Archipelago. Once again our eyes enjoyed the extreme beauty of nature: crystal waters, white beaches, flat, pointed rocks that nature itself shaped in so many crazy and amazing forms. Like Budelli, the beauty of Spargi is breathtaking, so unforgettable and just not possible to put down into words. We spent a little time here, swimming and sunbathing before leaving for the island of Maddalena itself.

La Maddalena is bigger than all the other islands we visited: there is a little harbour, a pretty town and many shops to go. We got a couple of hours to spend sightseeing with a good ice cream in our hand and our camera always ready.

It was soon time to go back to Santa Teresa but this time, on the way back, the “Bocche di Bonifacio” decided to fulfil their terrible reputation making us shake: those who are not normally seasick had great fun, the others suffered a bit. It was about 5.00 PM when we got back. The day went by so quickly..yep! just as it always happens when you have fun! Loved it!

18/08/2014 Valeria