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Chanel Discovers Sardinia Blue Zones

An inspiring Chanel video features the beauty of Sardinia landscape and the intriguing theme of Longevity and Blues zones.

Have a look at it and do contact us if you would like to explore the longevity route through one of our food and wine and cultural tours.

The Cape of Saint Elia and..the Devil’ Saddle

The Cape of Saint Elia lays in the center of the Gulf of Cagliari and it consists in limestone rocks that were once covered by the sea  so that today there are many fossils in there.

Despite the wind constantly blowing on these dry rocks, a wild and strong vegetation flourishes here. It is a very […]

An amazing trip to La Maddalena..

On a very hot day of August during our holidays in Sardinia, we decided to take a boat excursion to the archipelago of Maddalena, a group of small islands in the very north end of Sardinia. Having bought a fair priced ticket, we got to sit on the outdoor side of the boat with a […]

The rocky heart of Sardinia

Which is the best part of Sardinia, Manuela?

I have been asked this question so many times and here is my answer for you:

“Sardinia is all beautiful from north to south. Where you go depends on what you are looking for, but if you are looking for the unusual and the most authentic side of Sardinia, […]