I was always surprised when coming back from freezing London and landing in Sardinia, I got one of those beautiful 300 days a year of sunshine. Off course, Sardinia is not a tropical Country, but those December and January days with no clouds at all (“le secche”) that can sometimes reach 18-20◦ Celsius were just the perfect winter for me!

So, you may ask, what is Sardinia’s weather like? Well, there is normally plenty of sunshine even in the cold season.

There are not many grey or very cold days and it does not usually rain for long. The rainiest months of the year are Nov- Feb when you get about 8-9 days of rain a month. In this period, temperatures are around 10-14◦ Celsius, although they often reach 18◦ Celsius or more and it feels just like the British summer!

It is very common for the locals to go for walks to the mountains and countryside or along the beach, taking children and dogs for a stroll. On seaside locations, you can spot plenty of kites and surfers and occasionally some brave chap looking amazingly tanned and having a swim! brr..

S'Archittu beach

If you want to get away from a cold winter then, check the weather forecast and then book a flight to Cagliari, Olbia or Alghero. You can either go for a city break or maybe book a good farmhouse and some outdoor activities (horse riding, hiking, trekking, bird watching etc).

From March onwards temperatures go up and there are at least 18 degrees as a standard, often reaching 20-25◦ degrees. Great time to explore the blooming countryside, the heritage sites or relax nearby the seaside taking lots of walks and enjoying the amazing views. Also, the holiday villas and apartments tend to be much cheaper in this season, although you may want to check with the owner if they got some form of heating as often it is much colder indoors than outdoors!

May and June are normally beautiful and just perfect for those who wish to spend a beach holiday but do not like it too hot. I would say that it is ideal for families with young children but also for those who enjoy a mix of leisure and cultural holidays.

Finally, from July up to mid September you kind of roast!! (At least 30degrees) and places are very crowded. Water sports and sea activities are now the most pleasant choices. It tends to rain very rarely and you may not get to see a single cloud for weeks. Just like myself and the.. lizards like it!!


Ciao – Manu
PS: all the above is true at the moment but it may change depending on global warming…