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Cagliari, Boat & breakfast

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Cagliari, Boat & breakfast


What could be better than visiting a seaside town and spending the night on a boat? Imagine a night of golden slumbers, gently rocked by the sea, and waking to the call of an albatross.


Product Description

An unusual experience to treasure when staying on an island! Moored in the Marina Portus Kalaris just in front of the main Via Roma, accommodation is provided in 24 or 12 metre-long boats, depending on availability. Breakfast is included.

Bedrooms: 2
Sleeps: 4
Bathrooms: 1 bathroom with shower
Distance from the beach: 8 kms
Distance from the city centre: 0!
Distance from the airport: 8 Kms (Cagliari-Elmas apt)


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