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Sardinian Market & Cooking experiences, Cagliari, Oristano & Villasimius

  • Making ravioli
  • making malloreddus
  • fish cleaning
  • meat stew
  • Cooking lesson

Sardinian Market & Cooking experiences, Cagliari, Oristano & Villasimius

This is not just a cooking lesson but a complete immersion in Sardinian culture, through its food & wine.

This experience offers an enjoyable way to learn more about our island under the guidance of your chef, who will take you to San Benedetto food Market or in the Oristano area street food markets for a fabulous tour and shopping before your hands on cooking lesson starts.

You will learn about local products and cook them as Sardinians do!

Prices vary according to number of people and menu.


Product Description

The chef will adapt your lesson to suit your likes and interests and might introduce unique elements such as the use of ancient Sardinian cooking utensils and pots and traditional Sardinian recipes. Not only will you get hands-on cooking experience, but you will also learn how to present dishes beautifully, enhance flavours with simple ingredients and how to match wines to the correct dishes.

All the products used in your lesson, including home-made olive oil, wine and home-grown meats are organic and have been carefully selected by the chef. They come from villages in the heart of the island. The class can take place in a private home in Cagliari or an Agriturismo in Cabras or  other villages in the Oristano area.

At the end of the lesson, you will enjoy a beautiful lunch with the dishes you have cooked, including wine.

Cooking lessons, without a market tour, are also available in Villasimius.


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