The Cape of Saint Elia lays in the center of the Gulf of Cagliari and it consists in limestone rocks that were once covered by the sea  so that today there are many fossils in there.

Despite the wind constantly blowing on these dry rocks, a wild and strong vegetation flourishes here. It is a very beautiful and particular mix of Mediterranean vegetation with evergreen bushes.

The cape is formed by two hills (Saint Ignazio and Saint Elia) which take a different colour every season, depending on the flowers that bloom on that period. From November to January, you get romantic light blue and purple and in spring an amazing bright red. Many other flowers and “officinali plants” (herbs and plants that have a beneficial influence on human body) grow there as well.

For its strategic location, with spectacular views on the south coast, the cape has always been a natural defense point and a safe place where to live. Defensive towers and underground tunnels were built over the centuries and in use until to the Second World War.

Part of this promontory, is known as the Devil’Saddle. At the origin of the name Devil’ Saddle there is a legend that tells how the devils, led by Lucifer, were impressed by the beauty of the Gulf of Cagliari and tried to seize it.

Therefore, God sent his troops of angels commanded by the Archangel Michael to oust Lucifer, who, while fighting in the skies above the Gulf, was thrown from his horse and fell on the promontory giving it the current shape. While the stretch of sea off the Devil’s Saddle, took the name of the Gulf of Angels

Today, under the guidance of a qualified guide, you can take an easy trek of  the area or an horse riding excursion and enjoy great views. Definitely worth it!